Golf Cart Rental in Tulum

The best way to ride around Tulum

Who we are

At Xiinbal Rentals, we have one of the largest and most reliable fleets of golf cart rentals in Tulum. Our latest additions to our large Rental Fleet include several vehicles for up to 4 passengers per Golf Cart.

Our golf carts are great for moving around the Tulum touristic area and between the popular areas around town.

Why choose us

Drive around the beach in style and enjoy the most beautiful views. The best part is you can park in the tiniest of spots.

Our Golf Carts can fit from 1 to 4 people. The only requirement is to present a valid Driver’s Licence and credit card. It’s just a matter of minutes!

Request your Golf Cart directly with us or contact your concierge service, we work with most agents in Tulum.

Special Requests & Groups

We are always looking to help you enhance your experience in Tulum. That is why we offer a unique way to get around the area, so you can enjoy Tulum in a whole new way.

If you have a special request, are planning an event, or are managing a trip for a group please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How does it Work?

Plan your trip


Step 1

The first step to start your journey in Tulum is to identify how many Golf Carts you will need to move around with your group. Our carts have 4 seats and at least 1 person per cart must present a Valid Driver’s Licence.

Book your Golf Cart


Step 2

Start the booking process. You can book directly with us through this website or with one of our many concierge partners in Tulum. On direct bookings we request a 10% reservation deposit to book your Golf Cart. You will be requested to pay the rest with a valid debit/credit card later through our webpage or upon check in.

Enjouy your goldf cart in Tulum


Step 3

Our staff will deliver your Golf Cart at one of our checkpoints or directly to you for an additional cost. You will now be able to enjoy Tulum and explore different areas of the city. Follow us on social media to discover all the must-go spots in the tourist area or find the hidden gems around town.



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